Broncos 2013 Schedule Casts Pall on Offensive Records

13 Mar

Shocking stats about Broncos 2013 schedule. Rivals 1972 Fins and 2011 Packer team that started 15-1 and got demolished in first playoff game. Broncos beat only 2 teams with winning records (at time of game). Let’s go through this:

1. They beat a Ravens team that finished 8-8 and should have been playing at home. Game moved from Baltimore to Denver.

2. They beat a Giants team in the middle of an 0-6 start.

3. They beat the Raiders that finished 4-12 and whose lone win by the time of the meeting was Jacksonville (which started 0-8)

4. They beat a 1-2 Eagles team debuting a coach new to NFL

5. They squeaked by a 2-2 Dallas team that finished 8-8.

6. They beat a Jaguar team in the middle of an 0-8 start

Thus far … combined wins of opponents at time of play = 4 out of possible 16


8. Beat a 2-4 Redskins team that finished 3-13

9*. Beat a 4-4 Charger team well before it got rolling (but this is only quality win thus far)

10(?). Beat a 9-0 Chiefs team, but loss begins a 2-6 stretch for Chiefs (so which team did Broncos beat?).

11. LOST TO NEW ENGLAND  team decimates by injuries and defections

12. Beat Chiefs again. To be fair let’s call first win over Chiefs a win over 9-0 team and second win a win over a 2-6 team.

13. Beat a 5-7 Titans team that finished 7-9


15. Beat a 2-14 Texans team

16. Beat 4-12 Raiders team

So Broncos beat 4 out of 5 worst NFL teams (one of them twice), accounting for 5 wins.

By comparison, the 2007 Patriots faced much stiffer competition …

(a) beat 5-0 Dallas team in Dallas 48-27 (Dallas eventually wins division)

(b) beat 7-0 Indianapolis team in Indianapolis 24-20 (Indianapolis wins division)

(c) beat San Diego Chargers team twice, 38-24 in week 2 and again 21-12 in AFCCG to conclude a SD 11-0 run

(d) beat eventual SB-winning Giants team in New York 38-35.

(e) beat playoff bound Steelers team 34-13 despite guarantee of victory by Steeler safety

(f) beat playoff bound Redskins team 52-7


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